single ladies


Valentines Day is fast approaching, and really guys, if you cant make the effort on Valentines Day to show someone you care, then you never will. But in my honest opinion, there are only a few people who really honestly care about Valentines Day, other than that, its just a marketing gimmick.

  1. The pre schooler. They have learnt about this day at Kinder and they make a card for Mummy or Daddy. Mummy and Daddy gush, and the card is stowed away in the precious airloom box. My children are already telling me innocently telling me that they want to marry Daddy. Its pretty adorable.
  2. The primary school grade 5 or 6er. There may be a romance brewing between a cute couple, and the valentines day gift is the ultimate declaration of love at this age. It will most likely be passed from one person to the other by a mutual friend, and quite possibly never spoken of again. This behaviour continues through the early teenage years.
  3. The new relationship. This encompasses any age bracket really. If you are newly ‘together’ and especially if its facebook official, then Valentines Day matters. In fact, it will probably make or break the relationship. So boys (sorry but I am old fashioned like that) you’d better order those roses because stopping at Woolies on the way out isn’t going to cut it. Worst still side of the road or service station flowers on a potentially hot summers day wont cut it either.


But if you fall into the rest of the community, either single, married or unsure of ones status, then this event is for you. Champagne (just because), Curls & Candles is really just an excuse to have a drink and learn how to curl your hair like a pro, with best teachers on the block. Frankie Gusti have launched their limited edition Valentines Day Candles, which are so devine, and if you need any excuse to have a lovely candle to burn in your home, then this is it.

Saturday the 13th Feb from 4 – 5:30pm

$30 per head – take home a Candle worth $28

Bookings Essential. Phone 9736 1115 to secure your spot